Who Really Runs The World?- CLONES 2-9-2021

I think this is Tore speaking..
George W, Bush had 6 Clones. Cloning goes back to Atlantis and was given to Saint Hitler by ETS.
Clones is old technology. Now we have Synthetics and Robotoids ..Meghan Markle being the first one…
The ones you will hear about cost anywhere from $200,000 to 1 million..but the big boys in the illuminati have their females made for $5 million and up and you can not tell the difference when touching them…and they are custom made to hair color,Eye color,skin color, height etc. You will find these in Dubai,Japan,Europe to the very wealthy…names you never hear.
Commander X is a Military man who exposed all this way before the Internet. I talked to him by phone in the 90s and he was the first one to tell me about Val Thor. many of his revelations were confirmed to me by Audrey meadows over dinner one day as she told me about Jackie Gleason being taken to a military base by Nixon to see the Alien bodies . Commander X was the one who told me about William Cooper,David Icke before they were famous.
All that i write here once was in the comments that THE NAZI BITCH BOYS deleted…3 years of great comments taken by these clowns always asking for MON NEY.
Donald Marshall wrote most songs with my illuminati contact in The Netherlands as she worked with him in the Cloning centers.
Her father very good friends with The Pindar at the time..Prince Bernhard but once she stopped working for the illuminati..they stopped allowing her to make any kind of money.She was in the banking division of the illuminati. She knows everyone. Worked with Richard Branson , Elon Musk on bases on Mars and The Moon and Pine Gap. She worked with many others on the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM.
She knew Max Spiers and many others whose names you would not know.
The best video of a Clone is when Johnny Depp came out of an Australian hotel some years ago and melted like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.
There is another individual much like Donald Marshall who escaped many years of them trying t kill him and finally did some years ago in Cancun.I had the video in comments two years ago but thanks to the Nazis that run this site ..it has been wiped out…
Al Bielek, his Psychic brother Duncan and Preston Nichols worked on The Montauk Project and as i explained two years ago and the lovely BITCH BOYS have expunged everything..I met them in Montauk were they told me everything. It was Al Bielek who talked Phil Scheinder into going public and after 6 months the CIA murdered him. Al Bielek also died some years later and last was Preston Nichols who died two years ago.
Nikola Tesla, Val Thor and Jesus came from 5D Venus. If you go to Venus now in 3D ..it is a cemetery and also a prison for what i will not say here..
So just about everything you have been taught is a LIE!!!

There are 777 books from the real Bible.

Earth bound Humans were provided 66 (altered narrative) books.

Now, ask yourselves…Does that make you an expert on anything?

Or simply turned you into one exceptionally programmed populace?

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Posted on September 3, 2021

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